Visana is derived from two Italian words, "Vita" and "Sana", meaning "healthy life". We believe in healthier consumption. Featuring organic liquor, purified water, filtered air, non-toxic building materials and essentials oil fragrances, Visana combines an intimate, exclusive yet welcoming ambiance with great music and trendsetting socialites.

Visana levels up the Manila Nightlife scene in every sense of the word, from service to interiors, up to the acts. Your nightlife experience is stronger than ever with a different kind of character. XYLO at The Palace is the ultimate superclub—whose DNA is etched from cutting-edge tech, luxuriant interiors breathing the air of sophistication and created with the pedigree and provenance of the people that took the nightlife experience to the next level

321 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003
(917) 639-3453

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